Vivianne founded the Change Management consultancy Child Associates in 2001 and has since worked with clients as diverse as Network Rail,

Inbev (Stella), Volvo, Centrica and the Church of England. Child Associates still works in the area of people engagement and Vivianne specialises

in business coaching where she is especially appreciated by managers looking to change career, senior female management and managers working

in companies undertaking mergers & acquisitions. She has a set of drums in her office that she hits if all else fails.


About Child Associates

Vivianne is an experienced team and individual business coach. Her special interest is in engaging employees and then using coaching keep them engaged for long term business benefit. In 2010 she gained associate status with the ANLP via the Coaching Academy, having already been awarded a diploma in coaching from Newcastle College. Her MBA is from the Open University and she started her career with a degree in Mathematics from Imperial College. Prior to starting Child Associates in 2001 she spent 10 years working in marketing; specialising in consumer nsight, quality management and customer service.

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