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  • Clarification - Creating a clear picture of your vision for the future

  • Attitude - Helping you to enthuse yourself and others about the change you want to see

  • Insight - Understanding current issues & barriers to change

  • Solution generation - Creating a huge range of choices and ideas for successful change

  • Pushing good ideas into action - Implementing your chosen course of action

  • Measuring success - Celebrating your success and learning for the future

"How we help you"

  • To clarify my unstructured vision of the future

  • To provide a sounding board away from family and friends

  • Just to give me a space to think

  • To maintain a positive attitude

  • I appreciate talking to someone with experience and expertise

"The benefits of a business coach"

No charge opening discussion about why

you are looking for a business coach.


User friendly business coaching


  • Your plan to start a new business

  • Or your 3 year plan for an established business

  • How to overcome short term business issues

  • Your choice of career path and how that has changed in the last 3 years

  • The practicalities of returning to work after a career break